VirtuGen Testimonials

I have benefited from your rapid and revealing genealogy research and would recommend you to everyone. My immediate family had very hard to access birth records in a small Midwest town in the 1800’s. His response was impressive. — Morgan, Delray Beach, FL

Marc is an extremely knowledgeable, resourceful and competent Genealogist. It has been a pleasure working with him on our family genealogy.
–Chris, Nantucket, MA

Marc led a very informative lecture Delray Beach Library. I had research performed and Marc gave me a very interesting tracing of my family roots. He gave me information about my family that I never knew. It was a great experience. –Barbara, Boca Raton, FL

Marc has worked on my genealogy for over a year and has found more than I’d ever hoped for. His information is timely, thorough and well-documented. I am amazed by the sheer volume of information that he delivers in a well-organized, professional manner –Nick, Lehman Brothers Investor, Delray Beach, FL

I thought I was at a dead end and in five hours of work Marc found out more about my ancestors than I could have ever hoped for. I especially liked the professional way he compiled the information into an easy to read, family history binder. My family and I have benefited so much from his help–Cami, Disabled Adults Program, Provo, UT

Marc traced my family through the Revolutionary War, back to their earliest pioneer days and Northern Irish roots, information I needed for a book project. His research is meticulous, and he has the professional knowledge and connections to track all leads, which he does tenaciously. What’s more, Marc is a pleasure to work with, full of can-do energy and enthusiasm.–Betty, Delray Beach, FL

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