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virtufit_philosophyWHAT VIRTUFIT ENTAILS:

  • Improve your wellness from anywhere in the world
  • Train from the comfort of your home, hotel, office, vacation home, beach or back yard Fitness equipment optional
  • Train in any weather & anytime of day
  • You’ll get results and have fun
  • Save time & money


Just a computer or a smart phone and you!


Variety is the key to fitness, allowing all levels to achieve balance, self-reliance, harmony and well-being through monitored progression, complete safety and fun. Everyone can make great strides and enjoy fitness with diversity and adherence. When fitness is a passion it becomes contagious. I have never duplicated a workout with a client in over 100,000 sessions. Your success will include your nutritional, cardiovascular, flexibility, strength, psychological, cognitive and restorative health. This varies for all clients, but as you progress it will be easier and easier to find your way. The philosophy I prescribe to is that of consistency with variety. We must constantly test ourselves, our heart and our head to improve.

VFlogotagjpgMarc D. Thompson is a prominent fitness trainer, personal coach and virtual personal trainer (VPT) with a background in medicine and exercise physiology. He has devoted his life to understanding the body and its systems. His passion is finding and isolating the physical strengths and weaknesses of each client and matching them with a multitude of fitness disciplines to improve their physical, mental and psychological well-being. Approaching fitness holistically, Marc believes the fusion of creativity analysis and practicality is essential in moving each individual toward their fitness goals. Along with 25 years of experience, his greatest strength is his ability to draw from numerous fitness disciplines and sports, thousands of exercises, psychological techniques and nutritional principals to empower each client. He combines corrective exercise, integrated function and dynamic flexibility with psychology, cognition and motivation to progress his clientele. Marc incorporates muscular strength and endurance, flexibility, range of motion, balance, power, agility, quickness, speed, coordination and proprioception and much more.

He has taught a wide range of fitness classes including fitness, cycling, yoga, senior/youth fitness, adventure camps, outdoor training, military training, and interval classes for groups and corporations and at special and community events. Marc carries a professional PT certification, a Pre-med degree, and is a VPT Faculty. He has been a PT Faculty, a Senior Fitness Director and a Fitness Cluster Coordinator and is certified in Aquatic Teaching, PT Teaching, Cycling, Swimming, Yoga, Mat Science and Stability Ball, Thai and Bamboo bodywork, and more. He also administered programs including Massage Therapy, Road races, Pilates, Tai Chi and Dance. Marc has designed numerous innovative fitness programs including Resistance Yoga, A-Team, X-Cycling, Enduro, Cardio Yoga, Parent-Child Flex and Cardio Core. Marc works with individuals of all ages and experience levels, from novice to advanced athlete, as well as those who are mentally and physically handicapped. Marc has trained clients as young as six to those well into their 90’s. He has numerous specialties, including Parkinson, Road racing, Alzheimers, Injury prevention and treatment, conditioning and cognition.  In his studio in Delray Beach, Florida, Marc works one-on-one with individuals and has broadened his reach to train a multitude of clients around the world with teleconferencing. As the founder of VirtuFit.net, he has pioneered virtual training. He now can bring all these skills to anyone, anywhere in the world via skype, imparting wellness to those with restrictions such as time, money, transportation, and also able to follow clients around the world to their hotels and winter retreats. He brings tools for each client to improve their body, mind and spirit.


VPT Course consists of either 4, 8 or all 12 of these topics coupled with live critiqued skype training. The course takes about 2-6 weeks to complete. When successfully complete, the student will receive a VPT diploma and be certified as a Virtual Trainer. Each VPT will be listed on Virtual Personal Trainer Directory and receive future email support.vpt_about

  • Skype/Facetime
  • Office Setup
  • Virtual Equipment
  • Fitness Equipment
  • Fitness Fees
  • Virtual Routines
  • Virtual Group Exercise
  • Client Relations
  • Fitness Website
  • General Marketing
  • e-Marketing
  • Education

The VPT Level I must meet the following requirements before becoming certified:

  • Current Fitness Certification (eg, Personal Trainer, Pilates, Yoga, Cycling, etc.) OR
    Current Group Exercise Certification
  • Current CPR Certification
  • Device w/camera
  • Teleconferencing software (eg, Skype)
  • Age 18 or older
  • Creativity and open-mindedness with a passion for wellness

The candidate is required to purchase one of these two training manuals:



Moravian Column (PDF File)

Orlando Sentinel

Sun Sentinel

Tuscon Post

Boca Magazine (PDF File)

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